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Welcome to Local Cancer Intelligence

Want to know how many people in your region are living with cancer?
Use our Local Cancer Intelligence (LCI) interactive tools.

LCI England

LCI England is an online tool which gives visual and analytical identification of cancer information in England by Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as well as some data groupings and comparisons within Cancer Alliances. 

Data sets currently available are:

• Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES)
• prevalence
• incidence
• mortality
• survival.

In collaboration with Public Health England's NCRAS, the tool is targeted at NHS decision-makers, commissioners and planners, as well as Macmillan’s service development teams.

The site has been developed in response to user feedback and is fully mobile accessible.

The LCI England tool data has been last updated in July 2018.

LCI Northern Ireland

The LCI NI tool filters information by Health and Social Care Trust (HSCT), Council Area and cancer type.

CPES data is represented as map and table views and is available at nation and HSCT levels.

The tool aims to support policy and funding decision-makers around cancer and its treatment in Northern Ireland by providing better access to relevant data.

LCI NI tool data has been last updated in:

  • January 2019 for the latest CPES survey results
  • December 2018 to reflect data released in March 2018 by the N. Ireland Cancer Registry. 

LCI Wales

Launched in February 2019, the new LCI Wales tool filters information by Health Board or Local Authority.

Data sets are available for incidence, mortality, prevalence and survival. CPES data is due to be included soon.

LCI Scotland

We are currently developing an LCI tool for Scotland with a target completion by end of 2019.

Contact us for any questions you have for the LCI sites.