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One-year cancer survival rate was {{survival}}% in {{ccg16nm}} for people diagnosed during {{year}}.


What can survival show?

One-year cancer survival rates show the likelihood of someone diagnosed with cancer being alive a year after their diagnosis.  This is based on the increased risk compared to the general population.

These numbers are presented as an index as this provides a convenient, single number that summarises the overall pattern of cancer survival.


What is survival?

One-year survival is the percentage of adults (aged 15 to 99 years) with cancers excluding non-melanoma skin and prostate who are alive one year after diagnosis.  

Learn more in our about survival.

How do 1 year survival rates for different cancers compare to the England average?

The chart below shows differences in one-year survival for your CCG for different cancer types.

Cancer survival rates are improving primarily thanks to earlier diagnosis and better treatments. However, in general survival rates in England and the UK are lower than much of Europe.

Variation exists across the country as well as for different segments of the population and for people with different cancer types.


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Data release dates

This data is for one-year survival for patients diagnosed during 2015.

The update of this data is yet to be announced by the ONS.

Comparing survival rates by Cancer Alliance

How does the all-cancer survival rate compare to other CCGs within your Cancer Alliance?

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Survival trends

How does the pattern for survival rates over time change?

Trends allow you to see a pattern of what has happened over a historical period of time. These rates are based on the year in which an individual is diagnosed with cancer.

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