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Patient Experience in {{ccg16nm}}

{{score}} % from {{respondents}} respondents in {{ccg16nm}} rated their overall experience of care as excellent in the 2015 survey. 

The Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) is an annual survey sent to some people who have recently experienced cancer in Scotland. 

The results of the survey provide vital insight into the experiences of people treated for cancer within the NHS. It is used to understand what could improve patient satisfaction, evaluate how well the NHS is caring for people, and how to make cancer services better.

Questions in CPES range from a wide range of aspects of care, including whether patients felt they were:

• treated with dignity and respect
• given useful information about their diagnosis and treatment
• involved in decisions about their care
• satisfied with the administration of care.

Small numbers of 20 or below are suppressed and are shown as [N/A]. 
We have done this in order to prevent identifying patients who may have filled in the survey.

The data presented below is from the Scotland CPES 2015. 

The next Scotland CPES survey is due for release at the end of April 2019.

{{{pdf_download_link}}} for the 2015 Cancer Patient Experience Survey.